sábado, 26 de junio de 2010

Family and memories.

Sometimes, I have to love them.
This week, I couldn't think about anything, because I had this Iyaz song in my mind all the time, it was insane. It was like actually my iPod was stuck on Replay. And I don't even have an iPod. But, anyway, apart from a football match yesterday and driving a yellow Porsche on Thursday, nothing interesting.
This morning, I had to go to my grandparents' house, because everyone'd been painting it for about a month, so I had to help today. Being surrounded by my family it's always interesting and pleasant. I can't help remembering old memories. We've always been really close to each other, and, even my grandpa, who's the most distant in the family (excluding me sometimes), calls his sister every now and then (she lives in Argentina).

Everytime I go to my grandparents',which is almost every week, one image comes to my mind inmediately, a sudden flash of my own memories: us, laughing, all of us. Women in my family tend to laugh a lot more, but in this one, everyone's laughing. I totally love it. It was my 5th birthday, maybe my 4th, or even my 6th... I can't remember. Things were quite different back in the 90s, specifically about 15 years ago.

So, when I came back home, I thought about their own past, not mine. And I had to look for those old photos they took hundreds of years ago. There's only one thing that I enjoy more than seeing myself in photos: seeing black-and-white photos of my family. Amazing.

So, I love my grandparents' house, because, simply, it Feels Like Home.

miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Smells like Summer.

My summer holidays have just begun and I thought it would be pretty funny to start a blog, just because, sometimes, I have to write about things, and I've been watching too much Sex and The City lately. Not that I'm a journalist, nor pretending to. I writing.
I don't know if this will work out, because I get tired of this things after a while, but, anyway... by now I'm in. I just realized that the title of my blog doesn't fit very well right now (not in the dim light anymore around here!).
I've just finished my college exams today. When I was getting into the subway, I thought about this whole year. It seems like yesterday when I started this first year of college, and now it's already done. I broke my promise once again: I didn't study every day, actually it's been worse because I had this weird feeling that I didn't need to study anymore after I graduated, and it took me months to finally...well, not study, but trying to. And I'll probably break the other promise: I said I would give the violinist some cash if I passed all my exams. I hope I pass them, but I actually don't have any cash.
Anyway, let's go for the shortest night of the year! After all this rain, summer's here. Finally.