miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Smells like Summer.

My summer holidays have just begun and I thought it would be pretty funny to start a blog, just because, sometimes, I have to write about things, and I've been watching too much Sex and The City lately. Not that I'm a journalist, nor pretending to. I writing.
I don't know if this will work out, because I get tired of this things after a while, but, anyway... by now I'm in. I just realized that the title of my blog doesn't fit very well right now (not in the dim light anymore around here!).
I've just finished my college exams today. When I was getting into the subway, I thought about this whole year. It seems like yesterday when I started this first year of college, and now it's already done. I broke my promise once again: I didn't study every day, actually it's been worse because I had this weird feeling that I didn't need to study anymore after I graduated, and it took me months to finally...well, not study, but trying to. And I'll probably break the other promise: I said I would give the violinist some cash if I passed all my exams. I hope I pass them, but I actually don't have any cash.
Anyway, let's go for the shortest night of the year! After all this rain, summer's here. Finally.

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