martes, 26 de octubre de 2010


I've almost forgotten about this thing, and it wasn't because I was super-busy studying. With holidays so over I can't even remember the feeling, and college just started, I feel like I'm stuck in this moment forever, like I'm always getting up at 7 am, always catching (and mostly missing) both the bus and the subway twice a day, doing the same things over and over... I need a really long vacation. But, anyway, today was one of those days in which I feel like a writer, and it's been a while since my last I-feel-like-Carrie moment.
So I started thinking about relationships and things we say. Is it okay if we are very explicit? Too explicit, should I say? Would that relationship get over it, like it never happened? Or would it never recover from those tough words? I'd say it depends on the strenght of the relationship. However, when it comes to relationships, what should we say and not say? (I'm a total SATC addict, I think that the last sentence is actually in the series).

There are some words, let's say phrases, that are way too strong, they imply so many things, and their meaning is too important to say it out loud. But that's only noticeable when they've already been said.
Words can scare us, they can move us, make us cry, make us smile, but most of all, they surprise us. And all that "nothing-would-ever-again-surprise-me-at-all" crap is not true. We can always be surprised again, no matter what happened before, although we love to think (and say) that we won't. We never get used to feelings. When it comes to relationships, we are never experienced. And we can't not be surprised. It's human nature.
Sometimes, in relationships, we move back. And that can only have two possible consequences: True Love (not only meaning couples, but also friends) or The End.
Maybe we need to go back to basics to realise how important that relationship is. And sometimes we don't need to hear words. But that's only noticeable when we've already heard them.

But, anyway, we shouldn't be afraid of saying things. If you want to feel, you have to take risks. Some of them will be painful, some won't. That's life: living.

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