martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Flawless dreams.

Life is all about dreams.
Every single decision we make is in order to achieve something bigger. We hardly notice, but our dreams can actually come true. If you open your eyes...

Of course, there will always be something that you can never do, but, instead of complaining for the things we haven't done, why aren't we happy for the things we've done? There are thousands of dreams out there, really tiny ones, almost invisible, waiting for you to discover them.
The thing is, most of our dreams are perfect. Totally movie-like. A kind of dream we already know it's not possible. A car which costs a fortune, a huge house somewhere beautiful... even the idealistic ones have a hard time trying to find the perfect family, the perfect friendship, the perfect date... Hollywood has done a lot of harm to everyone. We know it, but we still look up to those extremely shallow situations.

The question is, can it be perfect without being perfect?

The most typical answer is the 'if everything was perfect, it would be so boring!' kind of thing. That's crap. The perfect excuse for those who have lots of trouble out there. If everything was perfect, it would be awesome. But still, what's perfect? If you're in a date and you fall down the stairs, does that mean it was a disaster? I think that would make the date even more special, and surely remembered. Even with those kind of flaws, things can go great because stupid screw-up situations are the funniest ones. And fun is still considered as a good thing, right? Making fun of ourselves is one of the smartest things we can do when everything's going wrong. It saves the day.

I couldn't make most of my dreams come true when I wanted. I'm a patient girl, but after a while, some dreams just begin to change. You start changing. Everything changes, and it's not a bad thing. It's just different. Some years ago, I would've died for a trip to the Harry Potter set; some months ago I dreamed of travelling to Forks (I still do, but by now it's just impossible); some days ago I dreamed of ditching class to go on vacation to a deserted island... dreams change all the time, as we do. So you'd better go and make it real before it goes by.

In my personal opinion, I think we shouldn't have just one big dream, because that would only cause pain and emptiness. There would only be two options for that one dream: you make it, and then your life from then on will feel senseless; or you don't make it, and you'll be obsessed with that dream, blaming yourself and the others for not making it. A total disaster, a dream becoming a nightmare.

Just be enthusiastic for every single thing you do.
This reminds me of a brilliant piece of monologue, said by Ted Mosby a few seasons ago:

'Because that's the thing about stupid decisions- we all make them, but time is funny and sometimes a little magical. It can take a stupid decision, and turn it into something else entirely.'

Flawless dreams are boring. Just make mistakes and enjoy them. Maybe one of those mistakes turns out to be your real dream.

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  1. Hi Lara,

    Thanks for coming to visit and follow my blog, Becks and the City.

    I agree with you that it's good to have lots of smaller, changing dreams rather than one big one. Life is unpredictable, so it's good to adapt to fit where life takes you.

    Love your blog -- I am now following. : )